Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween-Spooky Slime Sensory Tub

What is Halloween without some green spooky slime? Found this great easy recipe
Added some plastic spiders,flies,and eyeballs and kept in the fridge over night for a cool slimy sensory play tub
The slime is a great consistency that you can spend hours exploring
This is best suited for children who wont try to eat it but an alternative option for toddlers would be green jelly made to instructions on packet, set in the fridge then squeeze through fingers to loosen up.

Cereal box Mosaic

The amount of wastage that is in packaging these days its nice to use materials that lessen the impact on our environment. Instead of throwing out your boxes from cereal, cut them into strips then into squares. You will be amazed at the different colour varieties you get. For younger children draw up a sheet of paper with squares marked out already for them in which they can paste and place the cardboard squares into. For older children they will enjoy using their own template to make their own mosaic picture.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hand and Feet printing

After doing a Halloween footprints we just couldn't get enough so i rolled out her art paper and let her go...
Great for sensory awareness but very slippery-i recommend holding the child's hand
We couldn't forget the hands...

Great wrapping paper design

I couldn't resist the feeling of cold paint on my hands so we made a mummy daughter design

Halloween-footprint ghost

Ghosts have been Tara's favourite topic this Halloween, although we haven't had to explain what they are exactly she seems to been keen on making everything into a ghost!
She painted her foot white and made a footprint on a piece of black felt
She cut it out, using the scissors she is really getting the art of cutting lately-even poor Cinderella dolly got a haircut last week-oops!
Added the trusty googly eyes and a little mouth in black marker

Pretty cute result....

Halloween-cotton wool ghost

On a orange piece of paper i drew an outline of a ghost which Tara glued inside the lines and added googly eyes on top of the dots
Then she covered the ghost with cotton wool balls to make a very scary ghost picture

Halloween-pumpkin mask

These super cute pumpkin paper plate mask templates are found at

Pencil Pets

While daddy was at work we found his pencils and decided to decorate them and surprise him with a pencil pet!
With some feathers as hair stuck on by twisting a pipe cleaner around the pencil, finished off with googly eyes, a pom pom nose and sticker mouth-they looked very cute!
You could replace the face features with whatever you have around the house to give each pencil its own unique look

Spring quails

Our property is certainly showing signs of spring time! We have had 5 baby quails hatch recently and they are Tara's favourite pass time. Catching those quick quails is a challenge but she has now mastered it and loves giving them a pat
Good practice for being gentle when her baby brother comes along!

Bush walking fairy style

We explored our local forest for a springtime "Fairies and Elves" bushwalk and here is my little Fairy ready for a day that didn't turn out as planned!

Had a fantastic time investigating the wood theme table
And our bush walk began...This was just before that little hand got bitten by the biggest bull ant i have ever seen, poor little poppet wasn't happy

Sensory Tub-Habitat

This stunning spring weather has kept us outside most days and what better than exploring in a sensory tub full of nature. I started off with a beach type area with sand,pebbles and water filled with her stretchy frogs and lizards and let her add whatever she wanted
The tub quickly turned into a "muddy mud puddle" filled with sticks, leaves, cuttlefish and shells but was enjoyed for hours!