Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Glow Water

Want to make glow water but you don't have a black light?? This method creates a great glow in the dark effect even in daylight. Grab a yellow highlighter and snap it open to reveal the sponge which holds the dye Take this sponge out and cut the plastic open.

Place the sponge in a jar of water, put the lid on and let it soak for 24 hours, shake it every so often. The effect is amazing.It truly glows. The more highlighters we added the more vibrant it became. This glow water is purely water and highlighter ink so it is non toxic to play with and will wash off hands.

The options are endless with glow water,check out our other posts for a few things we created with it

Glow water pouring

Pouring is a classic Montessori activity but we decided to "spook" it up by using our glow water for Halloween.
Here i have set out a jug filled with glow water and two glasses with lines drawn at different levels. It is importan to use clear glasses to allow the child to see the liquid rising to the line.
Slowly the liquid is poured in and the object is to stop at the line

One is complete and onto the next

Once finished the liquid is poured back into the jug to be used again

Glow dough

We loved our glow water so much we thought why not try making some playdough with it. Using 1 cup of cornflour and 2 cups of water i mixed it and placed in the microwave for 3 minutes. It became a hard thick layer of dough. I added a touch more glow water and kneaded it until it formed a ball.
Such a simple recipe, no stove top needed and i was really happy with the outcome. Easy to mould and soft enough for little hands

Tara got to work making some glow stars for halloween

Glow Goo

What do you get when you mix glow water with cornflour? GOOOOO
This recipe was just cornflour with cold glow water stirred until thickened. This was the start of making playdough before i microwaved it but Tara saw that goo and wanted to explore it so we added some spiders and other creepy crawlies and she had a blast.
It is sticky,gooey and gets everywhere but the ingredients are all washable,non toxic and so much fun. Tara made some hand prints on our pavers outside which look super creepy at night!

Glow bottle

Tara was kind enough to involve her little brother in her Halloween activities by making him his own glow bottle.
With an empty plastic drink bottle, she filled it with some of her glow water, not too full, so then it would make a lovely swishing sound when moved.
Then she searched for some things to put inside it....some green fruit netting off our apples, some coloured balls for rattling and some coloured match sticks

Now Mason can enjoy the fun of Halloween while exploring his own glow bottle

Spider pops

We saw these spiders creeping around all the social forums so we thought we would give them a go! All you need is black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a lolly pop and some glue
Cut the pipe cleaners in half for a "mummy" spider or in quarters for a "baby" spider and twist them around the stick. Make sure you have your 8 legs then bend the legs at the end toward the ground. Add your googly eyes and you have a creepy spider ready for your treat or treating guests!

Big or small these are ridiculously cute!

Hang them in some spider web for extra effect!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smurf village

A fairy garden has always been on my to do list so when the beautiful spring weather arrived we went planning our garden design, Tara quickly assured me it would be a smurf village not a fairy garden so i followed her lead and she helped me create a one of a kind smurf village. We used a saucer from under a pot plant and rested it on a stump. Make sure the saucer has a draining hole and fill up with soil. We added some ground cover greenery that will hopefully spread and can be cut back with scissors by your little gardener. To create a bridge we used twine to connect some twigs together to form a plank then placed it over some blue gems. Our toadstools are corks painted white/red with puffy paint white spots.
We found a bird nest hut from Bunnings and some coloured bonsai pebbles to add to the village. Tara remembers to water the village every day with a spray bottle i leave next to the garden. Lovely to see her enjoy hours of outside imaginative play together with the Smurfs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Coffee cup stamping

A simple takeaway coffee cup can be transformed into a lovely child sized stamp that can create cute patterns and gift wrapping with Christmas around the corner!
Just squeeze the cup into the mould you require. We used a heart and circle but a star or triangle would also work.
The cup is nice and wide for little hands to grip

Just dip and press firmly

And add any finishing touches. Tara's yellow circles reminded her of a sun!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween slime

Want to give your trick or treaters a healthy and fun alternative this year? why not make a batch of spooky Halloween slime and add some crazy critters. Arrange them in a small container and they are ready to hand out.
Our slime recipe is found at http://superpants.net/slime.html

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shoebox Icecream shop

I'm always on the hunt to find something to do with toilet rolls so when Tara was asking for a ice cream shop we came up with this. All you need is......
Ripping and scrunching are great activities for little hands so i got Tara to make the ice cream by ripping up tissue paper and scrunching it into balls. We had apple, strawberry, blueberry and vanilla "flavours". The toilet roll cones are just held together with masking tape at the bottom

The shoebox holds the toilet roll cones upright so you can use the tongs to balance the ice cream balls on top of the cones easily.

Add a string around your neck for a walkabout ice cream stall

Halloween-glow bath

Want a spooky way to clean your self this Halloween??
We made our bathroom as dark as possible with blankets covering all the windows and filled up the bathtub with warm bubbly water and added a handful of thin glow sticks.
We found glow sticks at NYE time at Aldi for $7.99 for a hundred pack and they make for some great spooky adventures!

Best of all the water is still safe for kids of any age to enjoy. When your finished keep the glow sticks in the freezer to increase their glow life and they can be used again the following nights.