Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Volcano Dino Land

Dinosaurs are a popular part of Montessori lesson plans. To engage in some dinosaur discussions i made up this Dino land. The base is a terracotta pot plant saucer which i covered in fish tank pebbles. For the volcano you will need a plastic bottle and some sand. Then add some plastic dinosaurs

For our little science experiment we used a funnel into the plastic bottle and added about 1/2 cup of Bi-carb soda and a squirt of dish washing liquid. Tara also requested red glitter!
Make up a bowl of vinegar mixed with food colouring (we chose red). Use a baster or medicine dropper to add into your volcano and wait for the chemical reaction to start and you have an erupting volcano with bubbly red hot lava
You control the lava with the amount of vinegar you add

For more explosive lava just pour a cup full of the vinegar straight in. Watch out dinosaurs!!!!!!!!!!

Coconut Grass Farm

This play farm is made with shredded coconut and green food colouring. Use a zip lock bag to put all your coconut in-a great opportunity to practice those transferring skills Add some drops of green food colouring
And squish/pat/rub with your hands until all the coconut is covered
Find a tray with deep sides. Even an oven tray will make do! Lay out the coconut flat and put in the sun to dry for an hour
Set up your farm using animals,tractors,fences and a pond
Have some little rakes and shovels handy so the "farmer" can work on his/her property. Very therapeutic-a new take on a zen garden!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fruit Loop-Sand Bottle

My husband and i used coloured sand in our wedding ceremony and kept the huge sand art bottle in our closet and when Tara stumbled across it the other day we decided to make her one of her own. Coloured sand is often quite expensive and hard to come by so why not make your own. Fruit Loops make great sweet smelling sand that has lovely stand out colours! Firstly divide the colours into separate containers then transfer them into a mortar and pestle and grind away until they are as fine as sand. If you don't own a mortar and pestle you can place the fruit loops into a snap lock bag and cover with a facecloth and use a small hammer to squash them. Then grab a small clear bottle and add a funnel to the top and pour in your coloured fruit loop sand, one colour at a time
Always keeping it upright and steady
Place a lid on tightly......
And you have a beautiful sand bottle decoration

Cushie Tushie poppers

I was given a few Baobag's https://www.facebook.com/baobag.co?ref=ts while pregnant with lots of goodies and samples in it and something that caught my eye was the Cushie Tushie https://www.facebook.com/cushietushies?ref=ts baby with mini cloth nappy on it. These tiny nappies come on and off by little poppers which are great for building muscles in little fingers and fine motor. They certainly get a work out at our house.

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloons

This project was started last year and had been a work in progress but finally thanks to Easter i was able to find the baskets i was searching for and we could complete it! With some blown up balloons we started paper mache by ripping newspaper strips and dipping them in a flour/water mix then placing them onto the balloon. We did about 4 layers of this It got very messy and turned into an unexpected sensory activity. The final product was left to dry for a few days
Once completely dry Tara painted hers red. We popped the balloon inside and cut around the bottom to allow us to get our hand inside
Then i used a knife to pierce a whole in the center top of the balloon, threaded some fishing wire through and tied it off with a button. This will give the balloon some strength to be able to hang up
At the bottom of the balloon i made 4 holes and threaded some rope though to attach to the basket. These are the baskets i was having trouble finding but check your local shops now and im sure you will find them stocked up for Easter.
My blue one was made slightly different with thin ribbon glued onto the paper mache and attached straight to the basket
And your hot air balloon is ready to take people for rides!
Eventually these will be put in the kids rooms, Easy and cheap room decor!

Bottle & Lid matching

I had been collecting all my little containers that had tiny lids like the samples you get in hotels or little eye creams. After i washed them all thoroughly i put them in a basket and waited for Tara to notice them on her shelf We placed them into rows of lids and bottles and then she chose a bottle and had to find the matching lid. This activity is self correcting and also helps with those fine motor skills

Fruit loop-Necklace

An oldie but a goodie! They are great for fine motor and you can keep a colour pattern throughout............ Fruit loop necklaces-Fun to make and fun to eat!!!!!

Easter-Cutter match

We have an Easter box of craft put away for each year and when i got it down last week i found these cookie cutters. While it isn't close enough yet to get busy baking ,i traced them with thick bold pen onto paper and Tara matched them to the outline You could even fill in the outline to match the "shadow"

Toilet Roll Designer Cuffs

I'm forever trying to come up with fun things to make with our mountain of toilet rolls so this was just one that kept us busy for an afternoon I set out a tray with paint,gems,stickers and glitter as well as a toilet roll cut in half length ways and sideways and Tara began to decorate......... Designer kids fashion cuffs ready to match to your next outfit!