Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Monday, April 16, 2012

Picture blocks

Mason is forever playing with his Duplo/Megabloks so to add a little challenge for him i found some photos and images that i cut in half and sticky taped over to secure onto the blocks.
He was thrilled to see faces he knew and animals he could make the sound of. i showed him how to pull them apart and then mix them up and find the correct match.
I decided to use the same colours to help him find the correct match but for older children different coloured pairs would make it even more challenging.
Stack away!!!

Homemade Car wash

You will have to excuse the blurry photos in this one, we got lost in all the excitement and realised after the photos didn't do justice to the day of fun we had!
I had seen some ideas of PVC pipe made into a car wash and it looked amazing but seriously we dont have PVC pipes spare laying around and i wouldn't know where to start searching for them so on a hot afternoon we whipped up this little beauty.....
One clothes hanger plus orange bag netting,plastic bags,sponges,water balloons,garbage bags,string and a towel mixed with a sprinkler made our own handmade CAR WASH!

The kids had a blast! Taking each of their bikes through the car wash to get clean

The sprinkler cooled them off and the racing around on bikes wore them both out!

The towel at the end dried them off ready to go through again...These cars were SUPER clean by the end of the day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zoku product wrap

The Zoku pop maker had been on my wishlist for a while but i wasn't prepared to splash out $60 on an ice-block maker when we had a perfectly fine plastic one that had latest us years but in the end.... I am sure glad i did!
Possibly the best kitchen gadget i have purchased so far!
Not only does the Zoku freeze ice-blocks while you watch in 7 mins, it gives you the control of what goes into it.
For us ice-blocks are a treat but the kids don't have to know that they aren't filled with palm sugar, artificial colourings and preservatives. hehe!
The variety is endless and once the kids are asleep the Zoku can turn into mummy and daddy's vodka lemon lime ice-blocks treats
All that leftover soggy cereal in the kids bowl at breakfast time goes right into the Zoku and makes for a milky energy boost in the afternoon.
Greek yogurt,strawberries and Cheerios made Tara smile here
Bit cold for Mason at the start

YUM!! Homemade chocolate magic shell to top it off

This is Tara's favourite. In the morning when making our fresh juice in the juicer i add some to the zoku and freeze then its ready for an afternoon treat. Pure beetroot juice layered with carrot juice underneath. Good way to increase those extra vitamins while pretending its a treat!

Zoku do make a holder for your ice-blocks to store them in the freezer but we find a snap lock bag works for us and really who wants to store them when they look this good!

Celery flower stamping

How beautiful is this celery stalk? We just couldn't throw it out before Tara got her hands onto it with some paint and made some lovely celery flower stamps

It was still dark outside and we were having our morning juice with celery but hey never too early to get the paint out in our house!

Lovely celery flower stamping to start off the day!

Clear contact collage

Want an easy home activity that you may already have in the house? Clear contact attached to the wall with tape makes a great collage base. use whatever you have around to decorate your contact.
The sky is the limit, use coloured paper,newspaper,magazines,feathers, or stickers. Tara enjoyed cutting out her items from magazines first then puttng them on while i made a box ull of coloured shapes that mason stuck on himself. Tara's was of course a little higher than Mason's so he couldnt "help" work on hers. Who needs famous paintings up in their house when we have budding artists willing to do the job!

Upside down drawing

Ever tried drawing from a different perspective?
Tara was getting frustrated by her little brother who loves to be into anything she is doing so she grabbed her paper and used some blu-tak to stick it to the underneath of her train table.
She was "hiding" under there for hours without the distraction of her little shadow.
Crayons are best to use for this as most pens will not work from that angle.