Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Art Gallery

Where do you put your child's creative pieces? On the fridge? In folders? In frames in their rooms? In the playroom?
We chose our hall to display our children's work. Yes, our visitors may think we are a little nutty and may prefer to look at a mainstream artists painting but sense of pride Tara feels when she adds another piece to her collection is well worth it. Our hall has been renamed "our art gallery" and we must use quiet voices to discuss any of the artworks. Its a little silly and a little fun but these little choices help build the important self worth of our next generation.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Squeeze painting

I had been saving these squeeze bottles for a while and couldn't wait to let Tara free with some squeeze paint play.

Firstly i washed the bottles and took off the labels

Then i filled them with about 50ml paint 50mil water and gave them a good shake to mix

With some giant paper and a paint smock, she started her squeeze painting!

What a mess but what fun!

The paint from such a height made some lovely splashes

Once Tara saw the paint puddle she just wanted to get into it...that's what our playing is about!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bottlebrush Christmas painting

What says a traditional Aussie Christmas more than bottlebrush with red and green colours?

Painting using a bottlebrush was just another way to reinvent a simple activity into something new. Lovely idea for Christmas paper or cards too!

Reindeer Noses

Sick of boring candy cane gifts for friends?
Well this year we gave out these cuties!
Made with 8 maltesers and 1 jaffa, they got a smile from all of Tara's classmates. Here is a similar label that the folks at Pigeon have handed out free so print these off as many times as you need and get to work sorting your treats-great activity for the kids to get involved in to practise counting,sorting and of course not EATING!


Tara's Tucker box Christmas style

Looking for a healthy Christmas lunch idea for the kids? This reindeer sandwich should do the trick!
Toast one slice of bread, while waiting get two slices of bread and make your favourite filling sandwich. Cut off the crusts and round the corners with a knife. With another slice of bread cut out a "B" shape
So starting with the normal square sandwich you made place the "B" shape facing down on the end of the sandwich to act as the cheeks. put a red cherry tomato on top for the nose. Cut out two small cheese slice circles and add olives/sultanas or red grapes as eyes.
The toasted slice of bread are the antlers so once toasted cut using scissors into a twisted antler shape. Add ears by cutting out shape from leftovers and add a coloured spread on top. Lastly the tongue can be made with a cucumber or as we used slice of cabanossi.

Proud as punch of her Christmas lunch!