Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The simplest, mess free, quickest AND
foolproof recipe around!

Sourcing the products may be the hardest step in the whole process but
 I have given you some tips on where they are most commonly found...
Borax ( hardware store)
Glycerine ( chemist)
Guar Gum (health food shop)
Food colouring and water
Quantities shown in recipe are a guide, follow the look of your slime, if its too runny sprinkle in more guar gum, if its not clumping together add more borax solution. Its very forgiving with amounts.


Ok so now is the fun part! 
Boil your kettle and pour 1 litre of super hot water into your mixer bowl, add a splash (40ml) of glycerine and a drop of food colouring to your water and mix on low till combined.
Next, put your mixer on medium/high and sprinkle your guar gum (20g) in while it's moving to ensure it combines well. The consistency will change and become thick, at this point stop and let rest.
In a separate pouring jug add 500mls of boiling hot water and 200g of borax. Mix until the borax is dissolved.
Turn your mixer on low and slowly pour your water/borax mixture in slowly. You will NOT use all the mixture, just a splash until you see the thick liquid turn form into a more solid mixture. As soon as you see the texture change, turn off the mixture (should only take 30 secs/1minute).
Pull the slime out of your mixer and enjoy!!
STORE:In a airtight plastic container in fridge or room temp. Your slime will last longer if you wash hands before play as mould will grow in it if bacteria is integrated in it.
NOTE: This recipe should only be made by adults as it contains boiling water and chemicals. The mixture should only be played with by children under full supervision and old enough not to put into mouths. Borax is a chemical and should be treated like one, washing hands after play.