Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Yes, You can!...." series

Home learning from birth isn't just for my children. I am learning from THEM every single day. I have to say when i first started this blog, Tara was a toddler who enjoyed matching, sorting, craft and role playing. I followed her lead and we spend hours each day exploring prepared activities that i spend hours researching and creating but when Mason came along he invited me into this whole world of unfamiliar yet enjoyable learning.

Mason is the boy who needs to be outside, touching, moving and learning through different pathways than his sister. While I'm not as "at home" with Masons style of learning I'm looking forward to investigating all it has to bring for him and i.
So all this explaining brings me to my plan for this month....No researching sight words, matching animals to words or looking at countries but simply changing my way of looking at education.

Giving children extra opportunities to learn from their environment.
This means just expanding your comfort zone a little for the sake of learning. It doesn't have to be a huge leap of faith, by no means am i saying let your children do whatever they ask even if its not safe but just think of what works for your family.You may not like your kids to touch worms, to dance in the rain, or to sleep with their shoes on but i guess we need to ask ourselves why? Are we too busy, too worried about what others think or are we passing on our own fears of things?

Next time your child asks..."Can i..."
Try replying with a "Yes, you can!....." and you both might enjoy the learning experience-I am!
Let me know how you go, you know your child best but sometimes they may surprise you by what they can do!

  Day 1-
"Yes, You can!......make mud pies in the mud"

Day 2-

"Yes, you can!....use your custard as hair gel!"

Day 3-

"Yes, you can!....play in the sandpit with the chickens!"

Day 4-

"Yes, we can!....stop the car so you can play in the leaves!"

Day 5-

"Yes, you can!....bring the frog you just found inside for
 a quick cuddle!"

Day 6-

"Yes, you can!....climb to the top of the slide while i watch from a distance because i see the satisfaction you get when you master something alone"

Day 7-

"Yes, you can!....draw your hopscotch inside because it's too windy outside"

Day 8-

"Yes, you can!....do some gardening in your pyjamas"

Day 9-

"Yes, you can!....swing in the rain"

Day 9-

"Yes, you can!....butter your own toast"

Day 10-

Day 11-

"Yes, you can!....make wormy a cosy bed"

Day 12-

"Yes, you can!....separate the eggs for me"

Day 13-

"Yes, you can!....practice your long jump inside"

Day 14-

"Yes, you can!....pick our strawberries and taste"

Day 15-

"Yes, you can!....give your guinea pig a bath"

Day 16-

"Yes, you can!....help take the bins out"

Day 17-

"Yes, you can!....have morning tea in the aviary"

Day 18-

"Yes, you can!....follow your sister up the wall"

Day 19-

"Yes, you can!....use chalk on the trampoline"

Day 20-

"Yes, you can!....explore water in the washing basket"

Day 21-

"Yes, you can!....help me mop the floor"

Day 22-

"Yes, you can!....wear your tights as a scarf"

Day 23-

"Yes, you can!....read books to the chicken"

Day 24-

"Yes, you can!....use scissors"

Day 25-

"Yes, you can!....play with coloured rice"

Day 26-

"Yes, you can!....have fun with the hose"

Day 27-

"Yes, you can!....peel your own fruit"

Day 28-

"Yes, you can!....build a lego house for your quail"

Day 29-

"Yes, you can!....help cook dinner on the stove"

Day 30-

"Yes, you can!....brush daddy's teeth"

Day 31-

"Yes, you can!....catch the lizard"