Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine Lollipops

It wont be long till the most romantic day in the year comes around so have you got your valentine's day gifts ready????
If your house is like mine and have a truck load of candy left over from Christmas you may like to make some of these heart shaped lollipops from left over candy canes. If you don't have any left over now is the time to buy some extremely marked down candy canes from the shops!
We made two batches of these last year, one was filled with white chocolate and the other was with red toffee. Simple and cute for all your loved ones! 

Tara & Mason's Artist Party

Tara's 6th and Mason's 3rd Birthday

I love that now our party planning is a combined effort, with both the kids making choices on how they want it to be. We set up a table inside as always our January parties are always on the hottest day of the year!
Below is the birthday girl with a collage of her baby photos in the shape of a six.

Mr Mason below with his big number 3 photo montage

Below are some Paint Palette Cookies that i made from scratch using a mushroom shape cookie cutter and some mini m&m's

Meringue Lollipop wheels
I simply made a meringue recipe and separated into bowls then added our food colourings and blended them in a piping bag. Swirled them onto baking paper and cooked for an hour on low heat. Made some icing mixture to stick the meringues to the lollipop sticks and wrapped them.

Push pop pinatas and Edible crayons.
The crayons are chocolate picollo wafers wrapped in tissue paper. 

Thirsty Artist water bottles

Creative juice

Melted crayon artwork we made with a happy birthday cake
topper to hang above the party table

Cake push pops. I used sponge cake and coloured icing
to fill them and sprinkled with coloured lollies

Gumball Necklaces for party favours for the girls.
Sterilize a drill bit in boiling water for 10 minutes and use a drill to create holes in gumballs then thread onto ribbon.

Rice bubble paintbrush favours for the boys.
Using melted butter,marshmallows and rice bubbles make a slice then cut into rectangles. Make the coloured paint with icing and use tongue depressors as sticks.

The Birthday peeps waiting the arrival of the guests...

The Artists tables set up and ready to go!

Mason working hard on this Canvas
A family photo!
We had a sign saying "Put yourself in the picture"
and had many props for the guests to use 

The busy little Artists working on their canvas'

Put the paintbrush on the Palette. We chose blue as our
target as it is Tara's favourite colour

Tara's masterpiece- An arnotts nice biscuit with a fondant layer on the smooth side. This created our canvas then the children used edible textas to draw on their canvas'

The Artist using her paint palette made by cutting a thumb and
finger space in a paper plate 

The Arnotts biscuit artworks we displayed them on paddle pop stick easels
 which we made by hot gluing them together

Daddy made our Pull string Paint tin pinata using an old paint tin pained and dripped with other shades of paint to give a used effect. The tin was filled with sweets and the base was made from cardboard and electrical tape to secure them in. All streamers were tied into the cardboard base with one being the main support that would release the sweets.

Some of the party guests showing off their artwork

Mason's cake- he asked for a red and blue swirl cake in strawberry flavour. I use fondant to cover the cake and he used edible pens to draw all over the icing. He was so proud of his own cake-a true little Artist!

Tara chose a vanilla cake that had purple,blue and pink swirl and also decorated the icing all by herself. This was THE easiest year i have had with cakes as i left it all to them! hehe

The paint tin pinata in action!
So that was this years theme-Artist Party! We had a blast and it was a success for both age groups. If you have any questions on how something was made or where to source items, don't hesitate to comment below. Until next year, i hang up my party planning job...