Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sensory baby book

I don't know a baby who doesn't enjoy a touch and feel book, even toddlers seem to be drawn to them and what a special keepsake for a baby to have forever. Homemade books are common in Montessori schools and Tara and i made this one for the new arrival that we wanted to share....

Each page has a familiar face on it and with the use of puffy pens some words that can be felt for a tactile experience
The pages are made with foam for a soft touch book

Photos were laminated before placing on so they last the dribble and pulling hands of a teething bub

Our "squishy" is made with the slime featured in my Halloween blog but this batch was red for a good visual

Even daddy got a mention

Used a scourer for spiky

Don't forget to add your family pets, they are always the favourites

Rough sandpaper. Simple wording for a toddler to be able to read to a sibling and so special this book can be kept forever

Newborn mobile

We saw this idea on "Mister Maker" one of the shows Tara adores and changed it a little to create a mobile for Tara's little brother.
First we started with 3 sheets of card stock-red,white and black as we know newborns see high contrast colours well for the first 6 months of life.
Take 2 of the pages and cut into strips of all thickness' then use the hole puncher to create holes in your strips of paper. The great thing about this activity is that is doesn't have to be perfect to have a great effect. Uneven cutting or holes in the wrong area is fine-the baby will love it all!
Now you have hole punched the strips of paper, paste them on the third piece of paper in any order at all
Completed sheet! Now laminate over the top and cut into any shape you require

We made a mobile from squares-this is the view bub will get from his change table

And added some more to the walls

We will have bub sleep in a hammock for a few months so we used the black,red and white design paper made by Tara on the underside of the hammock bar

This can also be used in any bassinette or cot and is very helpful when trying to prevent positional plagiocephaly or "flat head syndrome". Just take note of which way bub tends to turn his/her head and place the coloured patterned paper in the opposite direction so they are drawn to looking at it and gives the head a chance to even out.

Musical Gloves

Sewing is an activity i have been hoping to start soon with Tara as it is one of the Montessori principles shown in 3-6 classrooms. Most of the older generations would shudder at the thought of a 2.5yr old with scissors in their hand let alone a needle and thread but i really encourage parents to give them a go at anything. Children need these opportunities to learn! Musical gloves are simply knitted gloves with a single bell sewn on to each finger tip to create an instrument that a toddler and a newborn baby can enjoy together.

Use them for song play (twinkle twinkle) or counting practice (1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive)

New Baby

Some of you may know we are expecting a little brother for Tara any day now so home school has been taken over by making "baby activities" that Tara can give to her brother and play together to hopefully create that bond straight away
After a beautiful natural hospital birth with Tara, we have this time chosen a home birth. What a home learning experience for Tara! We have watched many videos on birthing (subject to me watching them first of course) and she has bought up many questions like "how does the baby get in your tummy mummy?" that keep me on my toes. As the pregnancy progresses I'm really excited that my daughter can have the opportunity to see how powerful woman are and that birth is a natural amazing experience that shouldn't be hidden behind hospital doors.

My little ladybug waiting for her little "buddy" to hatch......
So bare with us while we take you through a journey of "baby activities" in my next few blogs.....

Christmas 2010

We haven't had much time to do Christmas craft this year as it seemed to have come around so quickly but Tara did get involved with the traditional jobs of Gingerbread house decorating....

Table centerpiece painting

Beautiful big gum nuts that fitted our "traditional Christmas" theme perfectly

And most importantly our family made star which we replace every year with a new one. I just cut out a cardboard star and Tara decorates it to her liking then stick it to a gold painted paper towel holder and place it on top of the tree. We keep all the previous years stars to look back on.

Bath Painting

Bath time can be fun while getting clean with this little activity....
Bubble bath painting!
The recipe is simple
1 cup of bubble bath mixed with 4 tablespoons of cornflour and then add your favourite food colouring colours-a few drops is fine it wont stain the bath
Then go ahead and paint yourself or your bath tub clean! Its gluten free so fine to put on even sensitive skin and really washes with all the bubble bath in it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bottle top-lady bugs

These cute little lady bugs are a fun way to use up your leftover bottle tops-we have a huge collection that we will be using for craft in the next few weeks. I used permanent marker to draw on the spots and head while Tara glued on the googly eyes. Fun to use for imaginative play afterwards

Tabble runner-Kitchen paper

A fun and inexpensive way to decorate for a party that can involve your toddler is by making a table runner. Measure the length of kitchen paper you need and start by filling a few containers of food colouring diluted with water and use the droppers to decorate
Investigate what happens when you mix the colours together

Add to your party table and enjoy!

Bottle top- photo magnets

These magnets are a quick and easy way to recycle all those bottle tops you collect and make sweet presents for loved ones.
First find a photo and trace around the lid to see what will fit in the magnet

Cut out your circle and trim until it fits snug in the bottle top

As so, no need for glue or tape it will stay nicely if you have cut it correctly to size

Use some paste on the back of the lid

Place a magnet on top and wait to dry. These flat magnets are found on the back of junk mail calenders and other advertising promotions that we get delivered in the mail. Great to collect also to place on the back of your party invites.
Finished products on the fridge!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scratch n Sniff painting

Whats better than painting? Scratch n Sniff painting......
Start with a variety of jelly crystals that have distinct smells...
Or if your lucky enough to get your hands on some American Kool-Aid it works much better as it is more a powder than crystals so dissolves easier and glides on paper better. We found this packet at an old fashioned lolly shop

Pour jelly crystals into pots and combine with boiling water, your after a thick consistancy like jam but try to dissolve as many of the crystals as possible

Paint away! We found the texture of cardstock(available at scrapbooking shops) works well as it has something to stick to. Try to keep your colours seperate so you can smell the difference when finished

Making rainbows is a great idea

Wait until its thoroughly dry and then......SCRATCH N SNIFF away!

For older children you can make a matching game with a picture of a lemon/strawberry/lime/cola etc and match the paint scent to the pictures.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween-Spooky Slime Sensory Tub

What is Halloween without some green spooky slime? Found this great easy recipe
Added some plastic spiders,flies,and eyeballs and kept in the fridge over night for a cool slimy sensory play tub
The slime is a great consistency that you can spend hours exploring
This is best suited for children who wont try to eat it but an alternative option for toddlers would be green jelly made to instructions on packet, set in the fridge then squeeze through fingers to loosen up.