Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Our Environment

This is just some background into our learning areas. We only have a small area inside to fit all our work in but this proves that anyone can have a set up that is organised and structured to make it more appealing for children to use. I'm not a mum that has a "toy room" of plastic toys covering every inch of the carpet. Tara has learnt from day one that one item is played with then put back where she found it before she gets another. This is a Montessori method that i feel is very important as it teaches order and respect for belongings. Tara being the only child we haven't had to worry about small objects being left around but with #2 on its way i plan to use the higher shelves for Tara's work and the bottom for the babies work. We are also doing some renovations to extend Tara's room so she can have her own area to keep her special items away from her little brother. I feel this is important to older children and as she is just getting into enjoying really tiny play objects it will be a good safety measure.
Although our inside space is limited we are fortunate enough to have 5 acres to explore. We have big plans to create some great outdoor play areas during the coming summer so stay tuned!

Tot Trays
Tot Trays

Letter of the week set up
Letter of the week set up

Work Area


Backyard morning
Backyard dusk

Cleaning up
Fishing in the dam
Our family of ducks
Start of our veggie patch
Self sufficiency
Our chickens
Carmel the chook having a cuddle

Free range chook walk

Daddy's Quails hatching
Baby Quails