Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mobile Toy Library

Have you visited a TOY library???

If you haven't been to see your local toy library-you must!! Its like a toy shop without the tantrums and credit card bill!
The mobile service run by volunteers, parks the bus at a different suburb each week so you can pick your closest location and meet them there. Some locations offer a free morning tea and a chance for your children to play while others are located right next to a playground for you and your little one to run around and enjoy the fresh air!

Anyone is welcome to come visit the mobile toy library and has a HUGE amount of toys on offer for all ages, babies to school aged. Membership is just an annual fee that then allows you to enjoy up to 3 toys in your own home for up to a month. Drop the toys off again when the bus is in your area and choose some new toys. If you get in early you could have your Halloween costume organised without fuss, book week dress up prepared or even borrow some ride on toys for your child's next birthday party!  
The toy library gives you a chance to try out toys that interest you child, expand their imagination and work on skills needed for development.

The amazing volunteers at our local Hawkesbury/Hills mobile toy library have been generous enough to give ONE lucky Homelearningfrombirth reader a full year FREE membership!
To be in the running to win this you must live in the Quakers Hill/Pitt town/The Ponds/Kurrajong area of Sydney. Send me an email kc1181@bigpond.net.au telling me why you would love a

Entries close 9th November and will be contacted by email.  
For more info on the toy library visit
Good Luck!!!

The popular mobile toy library at "The Ponds"

Mason enjoying his lawn mower borrowed from the toy library! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Spider Pops

It's one of our favourite times of year! I'm not sure why the kids love it so much though it could possibly have something to do with the copious amounts of lollies that fill our house! We don't get any trick or treaters at our doors on Halloween, living in Australia, Halloween isn't a big thing! But we do make treats for our friends because its a bit of fun!
This year i knew i wanted to make lollipops but wasn't sure what to do. Tara suggested licorice as it is her favourite treat so i came up with these spider pops!

So firstly i used brown m&m's for the body and cut thin strips of licorice straps for the legs.
I laid the spiders onto baking paper and added a lollipop stick to the end of each one. Then i made a batch of toffee....
3 cups caster sugar, 1 cup water, and 1/4 cup vinegar bought to the boil for about 15 mins
or until golden
I gently poured the toffee mixture over the spiders, making sure to coat the stick and whole of spiders. Leave to cool at room temp for 15 mins the pull away from baking paper.

They didn't take long at all, the hardest part was the fiddly eight legs but the look great and the toffee really added to the spookiness by looking like zap from a tree. I found the FREE Halloween jar printable on this great site here... http://embellishinglifeeveryday.blogspot.com.au/

Friday, October 11, 2013

Brauer Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Our family have been huge supporters of the BRAUER products ever since we had our firstborn. Sleepless nights cured by teething relief and coughs and colds vanished with cold&flu medicine. I even remember Tara being obsessed with asking for medicine at bedtime but thankfully with BRAUER i knew there was nothing nasty i was giving her.
So when BRAUER asked me to try out their new Bath and Skincare range i knew they would have my back and support me once again in my effort to control the nasties many children are exposed to everyday.

How many of you swear by Paw Paw cream??? It fixes everything right? Chapped lips,eczema, nappy rash, bumps and bruises! BUT did you know most of these creams contain PETROCHEMICALS??
Disgusting isn't it!...make a stand for our kids and support BRAUER by using their own natural PAW PAW cream that DO NOT contain any harmful ingredients.
With a rise in Eczema and skin complaints its important to check the ingredients of everything you put on your little ones skin. So when i read the back of the BRAUER baby sleepytime bath and noticed words that came from a garden not a laboratory i knew it was for my kids. The baby Sleepytime bath is moisturising, gentle and dreamy!

BRAUER have given Homelearningfrombirth 3 Natural Paw Paw Creams and 3 Sleepytime baths to give away to readers and entry is SIMPLE!

Send an email to KC1181@bigpond.net.au with the word "Brauer" in the subject line and let me know WHY you would like to try either a Paw Paw cream or a sleepytime bath. Then head over to facebook and 'like' Brauer-just click the link here- https://www.facebook.com/#!/BrauerAus
Entries close 26th October 2013 and winners will be notified by email shortly after.