Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Magic message bananas

I usually leave a note in Tara's lunchbox but today i tried something different...
Using a sharp object-i used a corn cob holder, i engraved a message for her, it can hardly be seen here
But wait 5 minutes and the hidden message is revealed! No more wasting paper just write your love note on your banana!

Tara's Tucker box

I only have two photographed lunches this month as the whole getting out of the house before 8 am with everyone dressed and fed is still a learning experience for me. I have heard mums pack lunches the night before school but for me, nothing is better than a fresh lunch so i quickly whipped these up and got a photo before we headed out to school.
Sultana cup with a panda divider
cheese stick diced with toothpicks and
Sandwich cutters with animal stamps This was a special day out Tara and i had that had a theme about "cars"
milky way car with a tiny teddy and smarties wheels
A boiled egg in a car mould
A cars container filled with cranberries
A car shaped sandwich with toothpick word "cars"
A bear divider with pea flavoured snacks that we pretended were spare tyres!

DIY dressing table

What can you make with a cardboard box??? Well the talented Christie from Childhood 101 made a dressing table and i thought that was very clever! So i set about making one for Tara
I wanted ours to be a bit taller so i didn't need a stool so we used a tall moving box that was nice and sturdy. I cut off one side of it and secured it with electrical tape
I used patterned contact to cover it. A circle mirror that is held on by double sided tape and decorated it in fabrics.

Added all of Tara's accessories

Plenty of storage underneath

Functional in her bedroom but also a great excuse to do some role playing

I think she was pleased with the outcome!

Bubble wrap printing

We had these craft stamps that have chunky handles on them great for little hands so i added bubble wrap over them and secured them with tape. One was a smaller sized bubble wrap and the other had big circle bubble wrap
Tara chose her colour paint and got started printing the different size bubble wrap prints. This made for great wrapping paper

Ice Sensory Tub

We have been exploring many different sensory tubs this month and i guess its because both children can get involved and it interests them both even with the 3 year age gap!
I made up some star shaped ice cubes and also froze a few of Tara's toy ocean creatures in containers so they were frozen in.
We were a little impatient waiting for the ice to melt and reveal the hidden ocean creature so we found our own chisel and hammer and got to work digging up the fossil.

Finally we found it was a shark

Later in the day we took it outside and let it melt and spoke about ice burgs and did some role playing with the sea creatures and ships.

Homemade Rusks for Baby

I think getting older siblings hands on and involved in helping with their new little brother or sister is the key to a happy household. Mason is cutting his first teeth right now so Tara made some homemade teething rusks for him to chew on.
If you would like the recipe we used it was very simple and they turned out lovely. Tara used her playdough tools to mould some unique bird,fish and even candy cane rusks for her little brother

1 cup of whole wheat flour
1 cup of dry baby cereal
1 very ripe banana, mashed until smooth
2 tbsp. olive oil

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. In a medium bowl, stir in flour and cereal. In a small bowl mix in the banana,oil and 2 tbsp water. Add dry ingredients to the wet until you have a soft dough.
Roll dough out onto a lightly floured surface and mould into smooth shapes. Cook for 10-15 minutes then cool. Store in an air tight container.

Magnetic sensory tub

I had been searching for magnetic wands forever, as i wanted to do a magnetic sensory tub but was sick of using the fishing magnetic rods so when i found CELFkids supplied them i was very excited and for only $4 a wand-Bargain!
We used bird seed as our sensory material, its so relaxing digging your hands into seeds and although it does make a big mess its fine for young children as its harmless to eat.
I gathered a collection of items from around the house, some magnetic and some not then buried them all into the seed.

I wrote on two pieces of paper "magnetic" and "not magnetic" and the kids used their new magnetic wands to search for the buried treasure and categorise them.

Mason enjoying the soothing seeds. Both kids ended up in the tub feet and all and seeds were everywhere but it was a great activity-maybe outside next time!

How far can you step?

How far can you step?
We have been measuring anything and everything lately and while we were out playing one day Tara decided to step as far as she could and mark it with chalk then measure it.
We both had a go and spoke about how many "bricks" in length our steps were.

Spring onion trees for Dino world

I remember curling spring onions in my childhood so when we had a spare day i showed Tara how easily it is done..
A bowl of icy cold water and a cutting of spring onion. Tara cut the spring onion length ways a few times
Then placed them in the water

Within seconds the spring onions had curled up!

I had planned on using these in a chicken soup but Tara had other ideas! "They are palm trees mummy!"

So we got started on creating a habitat of trees which led into...

Another Dino land! I'm not quite sure what it is about dinosaurs but they end up in many of our activities

And are hours of fun!

Water Mixing Experiment

Tara had found one of my books "501 science experiments for kids" on the bookshelf and taken interest in it so we searched through until she found something she thought she could do herself and we came across a mixing experiment.
We filled a bowl of water and added a dropper full of a different liquid to see if it would mix or not mix with the water.

Dish washing liquid..

Was great to see her really surprised by the outcome. We spoke about hypothesis and conclusions. I'm sure this is the start of many more experiments for us!

Waterbead Sensory

If you have never experienced water beads, we can tell you they are AMAZING!
We bought ours at Parklea Markets and they are 100% non toxic which is very important when using with children as i hear some brands can be dangerous. Anyone searching for waterbeads, my supplier is happy to send worldwide just email him erkan_syd@hotmail.com and he will send you 3 packets for $12 or 6 packets for $20. Originally they are used as decoration to add to your vases so they are very squishy and they make great sensory additions to a tub.
To make water beads you simply add the beads to 2 ltrs of water and wait...
The beads absorb the water and grow bigger, this is after 4 hours

This is after 8 hours, ready to drain and explore!

They feel smooth and jelly like but will bounce as high as a bouncy ball so beware!

Tara did some transferring practice with her tongs

Her chopsticks proved a little more challenging

But the spoon was perfect! For the cost of waterbeads (we paid $4 a pack and they last for 4 years), They are a great addition to any learning area being non toxic and will grab any childs attention.We look forward to working with them later with more numeracy work.