Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teddy biscuits in bubble baths

Teddy's in a bubble bath

We had a play date set up so i thought id try making these treats that the kids loved helping with too!
They are so simple and only need a few ingredients..
Chocolate ripple biscuits
Small marshmallows
Tiny Teddy biscuits

I put each choc ripple biscuit into the microwave for 20 seconds or until soft. Moulded it GENTLY when they came out and placed them into a muffin tray. Then i put in the tint teddy and covered with marshmallows. Placed the whole tray into the oven at 100 degrees for 2 minutes or until you see marshmallows JUST soften. Take out the tray and press the marshmallows down lightly the mould them in to each other. Let cool and enjoy! Will keep for a few days in airtight container 

String painting

While "Sissy" is at school we start our new year of activities for Mason!

This is our string painting with some neon colours.

I used small lengths of string mixed into some paint and plenty of butchers paper.
Mason is a child who prefers not to have messy hands so i am providing more experiences to allow him to feel comfortable with the sensation.

This is important for not only sensory awareness but can also relate to food. Some children will not eat foods that are messy and this can affect diet with refusal to eat certain food groups. Thankfully we aren't that far along but watching Mason in a messy environment showed me he was uneasy and i needed to address that for him.

Tara's first day of school

Our grown up miss 5 all ready for her first day of school

For those of you who has been with us since the beginning, i thank you for your company and hope the journey with your children has been as jam packed with fun as what ours has.

This blog started all because of this little girl and her thirst for educational activities. She is a motivated, creative little soul who will succeed in whatever she chooses in her life.

Not only was this a milestone day for her but also for me.

Having a child by your side 24/7 for 5 years grows a deep bond that no one can describe or replace. I will miss her smiles,giggles,cuddles and even the crankiness while she is at school but i know this is the path she is seeking. The opportunity to grow through new experiences and mixing with many personalities will allow her to learn self skills to manage.

While i struggle to hand over my child to the care of a school teacher, I look forward to being here for her  when she needs advice,words of encouragement or just a cuddle from mum.

My long days of play are over but a new stage of our mother daughter relationship have only just begun....

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tara & Mason's LEGO party!

Wow! Seems like forever since my last blog. We haven't vanished or stopped blogging. I'd love to tell you we have been on a break holidaying in the tropics or something lovely like that but reality is we have been flat out!
Christmas along with 2 birthdays within 2 weeks keeps mummy on her toes which is why we try to squash it all in together to celebrate. The kids share a party (while we can still get away with it!) as most of their friends are the same anyways so when Tara chose her Lego theme the preparations got underway and here is the result...

Lego invitations
The two birthday buddies with their proud parents

The food table

Outdoor area

Mason's LEGO shirt

Necklace and bracelet making

Paint your own brick

Free play

The LEGO cake

LEGO name

LEGO name

Making marshmallow pops

Finished marshmallow pops

Lego cookies 

LEGO men lollipops and LEGO fruit holder

LEGO water labels

Pass the "Brick"
We used Tara's LEGO shaped lunchbox to pass around the circle.If the music stopped while you were holding it. You got to choose a LEGO gift from the prize box in the middle of the circle

BRICK and SPOON race
A plastic spoon and a 8 sized brick from start to finish without dropping it

Build a LEGO man game
You have to find each part of your LEGO man in each container. Put him together and first to show me a complete man with legs,body,head and hair wins.
Each container was filled with sand, bird seed, soapy water or rice.

BRICK transfer game
A pile of 4 sized LEGO in the center of the table. Each person has a bowl and straw. Within 2 minutes you have to transfer as many LEGO pieces as possible into your bowl without using hands. Just sucking to hold the brick on the straw. 

Prize Box


How i made the PINATA

2yr old gift bags
Colouring pages from LEGO.com, board book, stickers,play dough, builder bubbles, LEGO ring and a mini figure

LEGO favour heads
Hubby spray painted these baby food jars and i added the face. Filled them with wrapped lollies as favours

5yr old gift bags
colouring pages from LEGO.com. a homemade LEGO crayon, stickers,play dough,bubbles,a mini figure, lollies in a legohead jar, lego ring, and a duplo thank you card

Homemade LEGO play dough
I found a LEGO mould at a cake decorating shop and used it to fill with play dough and gently release to make LEGO play dough