Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smelling bottles

I have been searching for amber bottles to make this Montessori activity for a while and when i finally found them i was excited to get it prepared. So much of our life is about what we see it really makes me strive to use our other senses to explore the world.
To make these you need an even amount of amber bottles and some essences or flavours. We used peppermint,chocolate,lemon,strawberry and vanilla. Each smell was dabbed onto a cotton wool ball and pushed into the bottle and then a second was made to match it. Under the glass bottles i placed a coloured coded sticker to match the pair and allow Tara to self correct .
To start take one bottle from the left side tub.....
Twist off lid and smell keeping the lid off in case you need to smell again, take a bottle from the right side tub and twist off lid and smell. If they don't smell the same put the lid back on and put it back in the tub and pick a new one
Smell the next one and if they do smell the same

Check under to see if you were correct and keep them to the side in their pairs

Put away the activity by ensuring each pair of bottles are in separate tubs

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