Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scratch n Sniff painting

Whats better than painting? Scratch n Sniff painting......
Start with a variety of jelly crystals that have distinct smells...
Or if your lucky enough to get your hands on some American Kool-Aid it works much better as it is more a powder than crystals so dissolves easier and glides on paper better. We found this packet at an old fashioned lolly shop

Pour jelly crystals into pots and combine with boiling water, your after a thick consistancy like jam but try to dissolve as many of the crystals as possible

Paint away! We found the texture of cardstock(available at scrapbooking shops) works well as it has something to stick to. Try to keep your colours seperate so you can smell the difference when finished

Making rainbows is a great idea

Wait until its thoroughly dry and then......SCRATCH N SNIFF away!

For older children you can make a matching game with a picture of a lemon/strawberry/lime/cola etc and match the paint scent to the pictures.


  1. I'm an infant/toddler teacher from America. My curriculum is heavily based in sensory and art. I just got at least a month's worth of sensory activities from your blog that I have never thought of before! Great stuff!

  2. What an awesome job! Sensory play is so much fun, keep checking in as next month we have a sensory play with fruit pulp!