Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Baby

Some of you may know we are expecting a little brother for Tara any day now so home school has been taken over by making "baby activities" that Tara can give to her brother and play together to hopefully create that bond straight away
After a beautiful natural hospital birth with Tara, we have this time chosen a home birth. What a home learning experience for Tara! We have watched many videos on birthing (subject to me watching them first of course) and she has bought up many questions like "how does the baby get in your tummy mummy?" that keep me on my toes. As the pregnancy progresses I'm really excited that my daughter can have the opportunity to see how powerful woman are and that birth is a natural amazing experience that shouldn't be hidden behind hospital doors.

My little ladybug waiting for her little "buddy" to hatch......
So bare with us while we take you through a journey of "baby activities" in my next few blogs.....


  1. that picture of your daughter resting her chin on your belly...is...FANTASTIC!!!

  2. I love the last wonderful picture too! :)