Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fishing letter bingo

The summer has finally hit us so lots of water activities are on our planner! This fishing game i set up for Tara to practice her letters with.
There are milk bottle lids that i have glued a magnet onto (make sure its the inner side of the lid so it floats) and on the outer side used permanent marker to write letters on.
She used a magnetic fishing rod to fish for a lid and then turned it over and told me the letter on it.
I made up some laminated cards with a photo and word on them that were meaningful to Tara and she used the lids to match the letters on her cards.

I played with her with my two cards and she had her two cards and we saw who could finish their card first just like bingo


  1. Can you tell me where you got your big red tub? I can't seem to find anything like it.

  2. Hi Kim, My husband found these at Bunnings hardware store in the storage deptartment. It was a few years ago now but i will keep my eye out for more and keep you posted! All the best