Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Geo Matching slab

I had always wanted to make our own Geo board and to make it one of those activities that can be used in different ways to get its use from it so this is what we came up with-our Geo matching slab!

As we had no spare wood around the house i used some leftover air drying clay that of course got warmed up by Tara and her tools!
After she had finished i just moulded a rectangle slab of clay with some nails pressed into it evenly and let it dry overnight.

When it was dry i added some small markers down the side which i wrote on with whiteboard marker to create a matching game. Tara was working on matching her big and small letters here...

Matching colours here...

You can see how her little hand is using all its muscles to maneuver the elastics around the nails. Fantastic for fine motor and pre writing skills

It can still be used as a classic Geo board with a triangle, square or rectangle shape made...

But whatever the activity is, it always comes back to animals when Tara is involved! hehe now we have a farm with fences.....


  1. I've also been wanting to make a geoboard. J just adores banging anything and everything and so I thought he would enjoy the process. I really like the idea of using clay. I was thinking that it would be too difficult for J to hit nails into timber and so he would become frustrated and have a negative experience.

    Where did you get the clay from? I've tried Spotlight and Crazy Clark type stores and its really expensive. Did you get it from an art supply store? was it dear?

  2. Hi Kate! I found the clay in a "hot dollar" store i think it was $4.50 for that whole block 500g? It has become a favourite of Tara's, highly recommended! All the best to your two little treasures xx

  3. Oh, please please please set up an account with Feedburner so I can subscribe via email! I SO want to read every single one of your posts!

  4. Kate, I picked some up last week at Eckersley's 2.5kg for $10.50.

  5. I have to try it. Thanks for sharing