Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pom Pom's for Baby

Mason is now 6 months and really enjoying his play time so Tara decided to make him his first pom pom.
A great soft toy that he can explore and manipulate with his little fingers.
First we needed to make the template which consists of two circles on a thick piece of cardboard. We used a glass for the outer circle and sticky tape roll for the inner circle then cut them out
The template should look similar to this

Now for the fun bit! Cut your wool into strips of about 1 metre or whatever your child can manage, starting from the outside weave the wool into the center and out and around again making sure always to finish your wool length on the outside. Do this until all the cardboard is covered in wool

Next step is to use scissors to cut all around the outside of the circle. It's easiest to keep your scissors tip in between the two pieces of cardboard to guide you through. It will then look like this..

Take a length of wool and wrap it around the centre of the pom pom and knot it as tightly as possible, this is what will keep your pom pom together. Lastly cut through your cardboard disc and removed it completely. Trim your pom pom so it is even and you have a simple, homemade pom pom that will delight your little one!

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