Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY dressing table

What can you make with a cardboard box??? Well the talented Christie from Childhood 101 made a dressing table and i thought that was very clever! So i set about making one for Tara
I wanted ours to be a bit taller so i didn't need a stool so we used a tall moving box that was nice and sturdy. I cut off one side of it and secured it with electrical tape
I used patterned contact to cover it. A circle mirror that is held on by double sided tape and decorated it in fabrics.

Added all of Tara's accessories

Plenty of storage underneath

Functional in her bedroom but also a great excuse to do some role playing

I think she was pleased with the outcome!


  1. Quedo precioso de verdad, un beso para las artistas, y se la ve divina a la peque con los rulos jajaj!!! Virginia

  2. Oh this reminds me of the dressing table my father made me at about the same age. He made it from wooden shipping crates he brought home from work!The things he made me I cherished the most!