Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fish Tank Artwork

How do you display your child's artwork? If your house is like mine we seem to find it hard to find the fridge handle among all the glittery colourful pieces Tara has made especially for us.
One unique way to display a lovely picture is by laminating it in plastic and adding it to your fish tank as a background. We put ours in our actual fish tank so that is why we laminated it first but if you wanted to secure it to the outside of a clear tank with blu tak it would also look just as good
Tara was very proud of her fish picture and seeing it in her own fish tank made her smile. The fish even enjoyed the new decor :p


  1. Wow. Great idea. You're very proud of your kids little achievements. That's we are.
    Sydney Aquarium

  2. Yes, i am very proud of my childrens acheivements but i think feeling proud of themselves is the most important lesson for good self esteem and what better way to encourgae this than to dispaly their artwork-anywhere!