Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Squeeze painting

I had been saving these squeeze bottles for a while and couldn't wait to let Tara free with some squeeze paint play.

Firstly i washed the bottles and took off the labels

Then i filled them with about 50ml paint 50mil water and gave them a good shake to mix

With some giant paper and a paint smock, she started her squeeze painting!

What a mess but what fun!

The paint from such a height made some lovely splashes

Once Tara saw the paint puddle she just wanted to get into it...that's what our playing is about!


  1. love it - what a beautiful picture it made too - can just imagine how good that paint felt squishing under foot!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Very Jackson Pollock. :)