Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tara's tuckerbox

We have had a few play dates over the last few weeks and thought id share with you what we made to share with our friends....
Kale Chips
These are super quick to make. Tear bite sized bits of fresh kale off the bunch, leaving the stalk behind. Spread on an oven tray with a dash of oil and salt and bake till just about browning(10 mins). As another variety we make with soy sauce instead of oil/salt. Doesn't sound yummy but if you have a child who refuses to eat greens, this is worth a try.Promise they are yummy!

This lion is a rice cake topped with peanut butter, banana eyes and mouth. Mandarin nose and mane. Date eyes.
 Healthy but fun!
Lolly teacups are always a hit at a little girls play date! Ice cream cones cut down with a bread knife. Using a glue (icing sugar and water) connect to a round biscuit. Use a jelly ring cut in half and stick to side of cone and fill with lollies!

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