Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter of the week (round 2) A

Mason is turning 2.5 this week and lately he has been showing a real interest in sitting still and exploring written work. He often follows Tara around at home he will sit along side her and do his own work. It is funny that this is the exact same age Tara showed an interest in Montessori.
That willingness to listen and watch while lessons are demonstrated really takes focus and i feel Mason is showing he is ready for this.
As many home teachers follow their child's interests, i thought it only fitting to use Masons favourite food as a starting point for our lessons
I used the worksheets kindly provided by Carissa and her wonderful LETTER OF THE WEEK PROGRAM.
I placed these worksheets into a plastic sleeve and handed Mason the whiteboard marker and dobber to use. I do this to not only save the paper but at this age half the fun is rubbing out and trying again.

So today we traced focusing on circle shapes and the letter A.  This week we will be learning all things A, names of our fruits and colours and this little man is loving it already!

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