Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Invitation to draw

Most children LOVE to draw but i do find Tara will 9/10 draw a bird or a house and Mason will draw a face or a digger but how do i encourage variety?
I left an invitation to draw on the table on morning and they jumped at completing them!
I flicked through magazines to find some interesting pictures, then cut them out leaving out half of the picture. Tara had half a butterfly and Mason had half a duck.
They then had to use their imagination to complete the picture and surrounding environment. These would be great to keep up your sleeve for long car rides, plane trips or when you just need that five minutes to make a phone call!


  1. I came across an idea that would work for those times when you get the question, "what should I draw?" Put on a song and ask them to draw the music. So that they don’t just draw the subject matter, pick an instrumental, for example, something classical. The first time will be the most difficult to get them to understand the task. But listen to it with them and explain how the mood, the energy, the feeling can be captured in color and boldness or softness of the drawing. Once they get past the first picture, drawing the next song is a lot easier.


    1. Oh Gwynn, i love it! And i guess that would really tap into the interests of what the child is feeling which goes hand in hand with Child based play. Thank you for sharing!!!