Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dropper water transferring

This is a classic Montessori activity that is always a hit-we couldn't even wait to get out of our PJ's to start it!
I found the glasses at a dollar store, i think they are short black glasses and the dropper is plastic from a chemist. Our plastic trays are from "Sam's warehouse" and are a great size for her to handle. I lined the tray with some non slip material and had a small hand towel aside for her to wipe any spills. Tara chose food colouring in her favourite colour red and i added a few drops to the water. I showed her myself first how to squeeze,release,move then squeeze and she seemed to get it right away

It was interesting to watch her start with her right hand but then change to her left.

As you can see she was very proud of herself when done and of course wanted to keep going so i asked her to use her hands to pour the water back in the glass

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  1. We tried this the other day, but I was only able to get a really small glass dropper from the chemist. It was very hard but he is slowely grasping the concept and occasionally gets the full dropper transfered. Like Tara he enjoys the pouring from one to the other too :)