Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salad spinning plates

I saw this link on the "Teach Preschool" facebook page
As i know how much Tara loves her paint i thought we would give it a go. First the opening of the poster paints proved a great challenge but i let her do it all herself, controlling myself not to help her. In time, she opened the lid, squeezed a spot onto the paper plate which was placed inside the salad spinner and closed the lid and did this for each colour paint

She then put the lid on the top with some help and with all her might made the salad spinner spin as fast as she could. We played "Faster,Faster,Stop" for about ten minutes!

We took the lid off and .....
We did a few more then hung them up to dry
We looked at the bowl of the salad spinner and found a gorgeous design that the paint had made.
Trying not to be wasteful, we thought of trying to press some paper against the bowl to make a print of it. We tried a few times but the bowl's shape meant the effect just didn't work
So Tara decided to finger paint instead-problem solved!

Check out our "Paper Plate Fish" blog to see how we used our spinning paper plates to make sparkly rainbow fish!

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