Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gobbi Mobile

We don't have much free space in our house but i find it important to use what we have to benefit my children and this area was set aside for Mason in his newborn years to enrich his sensitive learning period of movement and language. I started with a mattress, soft but firm enough to support covered by a clean fitted sheet. A mirror that he can use to see his reflection during tummy time. Eeboo alphabet cards,some black/white books and a basket of sensory items that include silk,metal,wood,wool,plastic,bells,pine cone,feather and a ball. The highlight of this infant environment is the Gobbi Mobile.
While the Gobbi Mobile isn't actually a mobile it does however serve to engage a baby's vision as a mobile does.
Made of polystyrene balls wrapt in gradations of colour it invites an awareness of subtlety.Each sphere is lightweight enough to offer feedback to even the lightest touch or swing of an infants arms or legs while also the right diameter to fit in the palm of a baby's developing grasp

Our Gobbi mobile was handmade with love from the wonderful April from Nashville, U.S.A-check out her store for more Montessori materials

From which ever angle Mason loves his Gobbi!

Check out youtube to see a Gobbi in action!

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