Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newspaper Cubby

We love cubby houses but sometimes i just need my dining room table for dinner not for bedsheets!
This cubby can be left up to play with for as long as they need!
We saved newspapers for weeks for this!
Lay out your newspaper stack, gather 10 sheets and from one corner use a pencil to help you tightly roll them into tubes using sticky tape to hold. Repeat this 25 times. Use 3 tubes to make a triangle by stapling corners, make 5 triangles all up then make a star with the remanding 5 tubes.
While all this needs to be done by an adult there are plenty of jobs a little helper can do. Ask your child how you would make a triangle with 3 tubes and ask them to count out making sure you have 25 tubes

You may need help joining them all together but in the end it will look like this.. we used masking tape over the staples to give it more stability

Throw a bed sheet over the top and enjoy your cubby however you like

Tara had a lovely afternoon tea party with her friends


  1. This is totally awesome! Love it! :)

  2. fantastic!! seriously love this. my kids are always using chairs and benches for their forts and get SO upset when we actually need to use the chairs to sit in. This is a great solution!

  3. I love that it uses recycled material - wonderful lesson that we don't always have to buy materials.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kate this is just wonderful. Did it take long to make? I think this might be a project for J and Grandad :) We get so many free newspapers…love it. I've added it to dad's ever-growing list of projects :)

  5. Kate, it only took maybe an hour to make but had to wait for daddy to come home and help to construct it. It is quite big so needs an adult to hold it up while you secure it. yes i love that all the materials are recycled and easy to come by. Some lovely star playsilks would make a stunning night time cubby too!

  6. Hi
    After it has been assembled and used can it be flattened again for storage?
    if it can it sounds like great for my kids


  7. Hi Ajar, no it is not able to be folded. It lasted a while outside undercover, faded the print but held strong. Enjoy creating yours!