Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter-Cutter match

We have an Easter box of craft put away for each year and when i got it down last week i found these cookie cutters. While it isn't close enough yet to get busy baking ,i traced them with thick bold pen onto paper and Tara matched them to the outline You could even fill in the outline to match the "shadow"


  1. This is such a cute simple idea.

    I am currently in the process of writing a set of tutorials for cookie cutter crafts I have come across in the past 25 years or so.

    For ideas I haven't run across before (or just did not remember when I started the series) but that I have found through an internet search I am simply including the links in my post.

    I plan to post a link to your post when I get to the topic of "Cookie Cutters: Not Just For Cookies Anymore: Kid's Crafts".

    You can find my tutorials on wordpress.com.


  2. Thank you that sounds lovely, what a great idea! Look forward to checking it out!