Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tara's Tucker box

Starting Tara at preschool one day a week was a lot harder for me than it was for her. The way i hid all my anxiety was to create her a yummy lunch that would bring a smile to her face.
Here are my first few creations

Popcorn butterfly-A simple snap lock bag half filled with popcorn twisted in the middle and secured with a peg. Add pipe cleaner for antennae and googly eyes. Butterfly ham sandwich-used a dollar store sandwich cutter. Apple & strawberry cowgirls-diced fruit threaded onto a cowboy hat toothpick. Bunny boiled egg-Just hard boil an egg and place in egg mould while warm Jam snails with sultana eyes-Use a slice of bread,butter and jam one side then roll it into itself until it forms a roll. Cut 1cm snail portions then add two sultana eyes

Watermelon ball people- using a melon baller make balls of watermelon then add a toothpick Heart tuna sushi-made using a heart shaped sushi mould with soy sauce in Mr penguin, Strawberries cut with toothpick leaves, Sausages cut with animal toothpicks and tomato sauce in the blue piggy square

Tara helped me with this one as she her lunches are now becoming the highlight in preparing for preschool.

Baybel lady - unwrap the baybel wax on one side use a sharp knife to cut out hair design, on a bed of sultanas, strawberry people, gingerbread sandwiches with fruit strap heart or buttons -we used Tara gingerbread cutter from her playdough cutters and Tara's own creation was the pac man rice cake with an apricot eye munching on cabanossi

Gluten free slice with strawberries, seaweed rice dippers with a tuna dip in her square containers

Risotto cake "yum", star jam sandwiches thanks to Tara's playdough cutters, Apple and pear heart made by using a sharp knife to dig out a heart shape in the apple then cut the same design from a pear and place the pear into the apple and push until secure, corn on cob and flower cheese and crackers


  1. Your creations are gorgeous! It would be wonderful if you could show us how you made some of your creations. I especially love the popcorn butterfly and apple and pear heart.

  2. Hi Diana, thats a great idea. I will tell you they are all very simple! It's a rush to get out our door in the morning so no time consuming efforts here! I will add some more details now, keep posted as i will add some more lunches soon!