Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Personalised Guess Who

Guess who was one of my favourite childhood games and as Tara is getting into playing board games with me I made Tara her own personalised Guess Who with family members and special people in her life. Instead of asking things like "Does your person wear a hat?" or "Does your person have sunglasses? " we used questions like "Is your person an Aunty?" "Does your person live in our house?" "Does your person have an A in their name?"
It was time consuming to make but very easy, just find up close photos of people as well as write names under them and print of three copies. Cut and laminate and superglue them to the flips of the board keeping one set for the cards.

I used the "tinkers" brand from Kmart as it was only $10 and it doesn't have any slots for the cards to fit into you can just glue them onto the flips. Next on my list is to make an animal version as i was going to included our pets to the game for a great fur/skin question but with the amount of pets we have they need their own game!

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