Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pom Pom transferring

Mason is now 18 months and i had noticed that when he played independently he was purposefully playing. Taking a toy and placing it into a doll house or getting a car and placing it on his car mat. I knew it was time to start Montessori activities to practice order and focus.

I put a number of trays of activities onto our child sized Montessori shelves. When he woke from his rest he was immediately curious! He went up to them and started touching.I said to him "oh you would like to try this one?"I simply took his hands and put them on the edge of the tray and placed mine over his and said "two hands" and together we carried the tray to the desk and placed in down. I then said "Let's pull out the chair" and placed his hands on the chair with mine over the top helping and he sat down to begin.

A nice starter activity is a bath grip toy turned upside down and a box of pom poms. 

Firstly i showed him how to pick up one pom pom at a time and place it on the suction circle until they are all full then take them off and place them back into the box. Stand up and use two hands to take the tray back and put it back where he found it.

For such a simple activity there is so much to learn. Every detail has a purpose, for example if i was to pick up a tray i would so with one hand so if Mason saw me do that he would assume he should do the same but he would need two hands evenly spaced to be able to manage carrying a tray.
Placing the box of pom poms on the left hand side starts the process of left to right action which is useful for reading and writing skills so whenever your placing an activity down or laying out pictures try to remember left to right placement.

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