Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tara's Tucker Box

Tara's Tucker Box
Here are a few lunches i have packed for my little prep girl to remind her of how much i love her even when we are not together....

This beauty was for the letter R week, Tara requested Rapunzel so i used her sandwich and added a boiled egg with Nori sheet eyes and mouth and cooked spaghetti for hair held by a silicone wrap band. She is laying on a bed of cranberries

This was a morning tea of fresh strawberries with leaf toothpicks. Egg chick-A boiled egg halved with a carrot beak and sesame seed eyes. Veggie chips and a sprinkles heart slice of bread

This was an under the sea day at prep so we made a crab from a mini crossiant,cabanossi nippers,apple skin mouth and cheese stick eyes placed on toothpicks. An oyster from two biscuits filled with icing with a yougart ball "pearl" inside. Its eyes are icing pens. A boiled egg fish shaped. Two honey fish sandwiches with sultana eyes and some rice snacks as gravel.  

This morning tea was made with 3 piklets-one cut in half with marshmellow heads and paws. Hearts and eyes were made with cupcake topper decorations.
A puzzle sandwhich made with a variety of fillings so you never know what your biting into! Cute teddy stamper in the middle

"o" day at Prep. Hotdog octopus with toothpick hair bow on a bed of lettuce.
Raviolli pasta and sauce.

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