Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seed sorting

Seed sorting is another great Montessori activity that helps with fine motor skills and colour matching. These are some beans i found at the supermarket that a cheap and edible. I was certain he would see them as food and try to eat them so i would never
left them out unsupervised but when i introduced the activity and showed him the purpose he didn't even try them.
I have had many mums say to me "he just throws things" or "she just uses her toys to hit her siblings". Most of the time i feel the children are just not aware of the purpose of the toy. Get down and play with them. Use the dolls to make voices and role play, build a Lego house or start a car race with to cars then excuse yourself to do some chores and the child will know the purpose and imitate your playing.
Seed sorting is a calming activity that requires focus. It is important to let your child choose the activity from the shelves for this reason. The activity will go much smoother your child is in the right frame of mind for the activity.

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