Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Welcome To Home Learning From Birth

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sensory Racetrack

I got this idea from the book "child's play" Maja Pitamic. Its a lovely Montessori book full of ideas for play. I used some plasticine in different colours to make a curvy racetrack then chose some materials to create different sensory awareness in each colour. We found felt, soup mix seeds, shoelace, cut up sponge, matchsticks, marbles and rice.

The bumps and the bends made for some important language skills about smooth,rough,bumpy,rocky and zig zagging.
Tara made some quick road works to fix our racetrack

I decided to put a tree in the middle of the racetrack to made an obstacle that she would have to switch hands to maneuver around. Lots of fun and one activity that even daddy will be excited about exploring!

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  1. This is so adorable for toddlers. Thanks again!

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